Information on the Java Security Warning pop-up

Before you Begin Recording Prompts

Position your mike so it does not pick up your breathing. While recording, try to minimize any non-speech noises (i.e. lip smacking, taking a breath, ...) or background noise. Don't exhale until after you have clicked the Stop button.

The black box near the bottom of your screen will display the audio waveform of your recording. Please record a test recording to ensure your mike volume is not too high or too low.

Recording Prompts

For each prompt line, please record your speech as follows:

  1. click the Record button,
  2. pause for half a second,
  3. read the corresponding prompt sentence,
  4. pause for half a second, and then
  5. click the the Stop button.

If you make a mistake, click Record again to re-record your prompt.

Once you have completed recording all ten prompts the Upload button will activate. Click the Upload button to upload your entire submission to the VoxForge repository as a single zip file.

Repeat the process (multiple are submissions encouraged!)

Help with Java and the Speech Submission Java Applet

The VoxForge Speech Submission Applet should appear here. Please see the VoxForge Java Troubleshooting Guide to determine if you have Java installed on your PC - this is required in order to use the audio recorder.

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